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33 Cool and Unique Calendars for Year 2012

src="" alt="" title="17.2012-calendar-design" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-26400" /> /> I think it’s time to think about your new calendar design because 2012 is just around the corner.Every year talented graphic designers create creative calendars for the upcoming year.Whether you put your on your desk or hang to your office wall,a calendar is a must for everybody for 365 days. /> Here, we have compiled fresh 2012 calendar designs.And also we have added a few interesting calendars at the end of the post which you may buy it to use for 2012.

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450+ Free Unique Photoshop Brushes

src="" alt="" title="my9brhio" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-26244" /> /> Sometimes an original design can be inspired by the brush itself used to create effects or graphics, but no designer has the time to thumb through thousands of brushes that all seem to look alike in some way or another before finding that perfect, uniquely designed brush. This is where creating your own list of favorites comes in handy. Every time you come across a Photoshop brush or pattern that gets your creative wheels turning, bookmark it for later use. This is the purpose of this post: to provide designers with several interesting Photoshop brushes that you don’t see everyday. The following roundup includes everything from skin brush textures to marble brushes to simply some very original light effect brushes. The greatest part of the following collection? All of the brushes included are free!

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Startup-Smackdown: Your New Apparel Line Is Not Unique.

Smack-Down Part 1It takes a positive perspective to start a new company. And as a lifelong entrepreneur, I’m the very first person to advocate starting your own business. The up-side of being the owner of a successful business is amazing. And even in failure there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained. But, before you cut a check to your favorite designer, you owe yourself a reality check. It would be my pleasure to provide you with a startup-smackdown.

Your product is not special. And your financial projections are funnier than most Adam Sandler movies. And if you don’t build your company properly you’ll destroy your credibility, health, and friendships.

Let’s assume you’ve got it in your head that your new T-Shirt Co will be bigger than TapouT. I know right, you actually believe that. Smack yourself back into reality by asking yourself this simple question. Why would anyone buy your T-Shirt? What makes you special? Does your design contain wings, skulls and chains? Smack yourself harder this time – think Tyler Turden smackdown. Guess what! Your design is not unique, compelling, or special.

First rule of Startup… Get A Story, Get A Life.

Unless YOU have a compelling story to share why anyone should care about your crappy T-Shirt and it’s lame design, you’ve got nothing.

Don’t despair. Think! Do you have something in your past or current life that you can spin into a story? Were you working out at the gym, forgot to paste on the Old Spice and repelled your future girlfriend? Then, after you got home and smacked yourself – your brilliant business idea hit you back. Bake the deodorant into the shirt. (“it’s in the computer” – zoolander) After becoming a bathroom chemist you stumbled onto the perfect scent for your new line of t’s. Thus, SmellyT’s was born. Your first instinct is to run to your local lawyer and whip up a New Co., register trademarks, and maybe even a patent. Don’t! I’ll explain why in a future lesson.

Lesson Summary: You are the story. If you don’t have one, get one.

Happy business people

Now that you have a unique story, you need to start telling it. Continuing with TapouT as our success model, understand these guys sold shirts out of their car trunk at local MMA events. If you own a car you have your storefront. Before we go further, understand selling is your next lesson. Don’t fantasize about selling a million shirts a month at this stage. Sell 100 and that is traction. You’re pretty depressed and isolated so you’ve only got two friends. That means 98 strangers bought your shirt. Success! Do you see why putting together psycho financial projections will ruin your credibility? Your excel file has you selling a million shirts but in the real world you sold 100.

Lesson Summary: Sell first, and then figure out how to scale.

Marketing is a key component to selling. So whom are you going to sell your SmellyT’s to? Make a list of five potential markets that would be interested in smelling good while wearing your shirts. Here’s my fictitious list:

- Bums
- Athletes
- Construction Workers
- Firefighters
- Garbage Men

Okay, so now you have a list of potential markets. Systematically remove each market based on the level of competition in the space. Using the athletes group we can break that into MMA and you’ll find TapouT. And they are first so you will be last. Remove the athlete’s category.

Bums! No money equals no sales. Remove the bums.

Construction workers. Now this is interesting. These guys love t-shirts and work up a killer sweat. Let’s look closer. How do we find these guys? Local unions, yes. But that seems like a lot of red tape. There must be policies about marketing to these folks. Even if you got a foot in the door you’d be spending more time talking than selling. Let’s mark this category as a maybe and circle back.

Firefighters is our next potential market. Hum! Lots of them. They wear shirts with logos and large fonts. They sweat like hell, and they just so happen to be easy to find. I think we have got something here. Long shifts, hot firehouses. They like to workout in their downtime. I bet these guys like wearing the same style shirt day in and day out. That means they will probably be repeat customers.

Let’s skip garbage men and review the lesson: Be king of one hill. Get laser focused on your customer before trying to scale.

Summary Points:

1. Every good company is built on a unique passion that takes the form of a story. Work on crafting your story. It need to be genuine, and resonate with your target market. Tapout is a great example. These guys passionately followed MMA even before it was popular, selling t-shirts out of their trunk. THAT’S a great story.

2. Don’t waste time counting money you haven’t earned yet. Focus on selling. You have a lot to learn. This is real the real work begins. Pack your shirts in your trunk, hit the streets and make one sale. Repeat until you’ve learned what process works very well. Only then should you work on financial projections, get loans and scale rapidly.

3. Mass marketing is expensive and ineffective for a start-up. In order to advertise effectively you need to first identify your market. One piece of major consideration when deciding on a market is the competition. So, you’re going to have to do some research. Once you’ve selected a market you can create compelling marketing that speaks directly to one audience that isn’t being addressed. That’s a recipe for success.

Part Two coming soon will feature:
4. Securing funding
5. Living lean
6. Scaling success

Want to learn more about winning in business? Want to smack around your competitors? Get in touch with the Startup Smackdown team.

About the Author
Mike Greeves is the creator of the Startup Smackdown and the founder of, and Mike built his technology startup using grinding persistence, making it into the leader position in a down market by outsmarting the competition. Mike serves as an advisor to a number of Silicon Valley startups.

Startup-Smackdown: Your New Apparel Line Is Not Unique. is a post from: GoMediaZine

Go Media is a creative agency based in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides the GoMediaZine, we also work for clients and sell stock artwork and design files on the Arsenal.


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Mediterranean home has unique history

Pat and Jerry Dodson’s nearly 100-year-old four-story home at 2 18th Ave., San Francisco, is a bit of an oxymoron, boasting a history of revelry while also maintaining views that calm the soul.

The 1913 Mediterranean-style home, designed by Oakland Tribune Tower architect Edward T. Foulkes, contained a speakeasy – a Prohibition-era secret drinking hideout that may also have had an adjacent brothel – in the early 20th century. its secret passageway leading to the surrounding Presidio National Park remains.

“There were three exits, as we understand it,” said Pat Dodson, who is downsizing after 19 years in the home now that her son, Sam, is grown. “When people came to the front door, if they ever thought it was the police, there was a way to flicker the lights in the speakeasy and people would know to leave by the two outdoor exits or the secret passageway.”

The light-signaling system to the lower level is long gone, but much of the character of that era was restored during a 2005 renovation. Led by architect Cheryl Chernoff, the renovation created an Art Deco showcase with a bandstand, coffered ceilings, a handmade banister and murals reminiscent of Jazz Era dancing. the residence also has a home theater with eight surround-sound speakers and a 500-bottle wine cellar.

During their nearly two decades in the home, the Dodsons undertook a series of updates. All but one of the home’s rooms was overhauled.

When the Dodsons purchased the home 19 years ago, they chose to transform the onetime illegal hangout into a more family-friendly one. Even with the original 19-foot-long bar, the speakeasy with linoleum floors had become dingy and lacked character, yet it made a prime playroom – something missing from many of the homes they’d perused.

They turned the bar into a soda fountain for Sam, and over the years it was a good spot for his friends to spend time while more adult parties were upstairs.

The 2005 renovation changed the playroom into a more adult room.

The house, which is selling for .995 million, has five rooms and 3.5 baths in 5,700 square feet. it is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac. Gardens flank each end of the lower level, making for a child-friendly home. it has mostly hardwood floors. the lower level also has a bedroom or exercise room and laundry facilities. the house has four fireplaces, one of which is in the living room.

The main entry level features an original fountain flanked with stained-glass windows.

The formal octagon-shaped dining room has a detailed ceiling with a chandelier.

The updated kitchen with island, granite counters and custom cabinets empties to a breakfast room that leads outside.

Most of the home’s bedrooms are on the second level.

On the third floor, the master bedroom has dual walk-in closets. the spacious bath has tiled floors, a floating tub and walk-in shower.

The house also includes a lap pool off the kitchen in a former garage.

Despite the grandeur, it was the home’s “country” feel that hooked the couple. They can hear the ocean at night, the fog horns when it’s foggy, howling coyotes and an array of birds tweeting.

“We have this feeling when we’re home that we’re in the country,” Pat Dodson said. “Most people want the Golden Gate Bridge view, but for us to be able to see (the forest) is beautiful.”

She likens the seasonal foliage to having a garden without the fuss of caring for it.

Most rooms feature picture windows overlooking the park, and multiple decks allow for views as well, including from a top-floor deck off the library-office, which has a wall of windows.

“I was just stunned by the vistas,” Jerry Dodson when he first viewed the home, he said.

He hadn’t even seen the onetime speakeasy when the pair purchased the home.

There’s one from the office where you can see to the ocean and also the Presidio. Sunsets from there in the west-facing house are breathtaking.

“When I saw the family room with the bar, the first thing I wanted to do was get the windows to have the same views,” he said.

And they did. three large picture windows showcase the forest views, and nearly every other room has picture windows.

“It wouldn’t make a very good speakeasy now,” Pat Dodson said.

This article appeared on page K – 6 of the San Francisco Chronicle


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