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Check out Photos from the Annual L.A. & N.Y. FIDM Alumni Holiday Parties!

One of the benefits of being a member of a network of more than 40,000 graduates of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is participating… read more » Blog

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65 Colorful and Creative Photos

Colorful and Creative Photos, Today we collection 65 creative photos which you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably …
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Words of Wisdom from the Editor-in-Chief of JIMON Magazine (+Sneak Preview Photos)

To an outsider, it was a day like any other as Jimon Aframian approached his local Hollywood newsstand. Jimon frequented this place often, selecting his… read more » Blog

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What are the photo software that able to print passport size photos as I need it to submit for my renewal of?

my singapore passport. What size of special papaer to use to
print the 6 or 12 no passport size photos. Don't tell me go to
photo company as they charge too expensive.

~~7.99 is too expensive?~~
The Walgreens by my house has a sign out, 7.99 passport photos.
I would think the special paper for them is more than that.

In the US, they won't take computer printed pictures, nor ones taken by yourself.

This is probably byinternatinal treaty, so likely similar or same in Singapore.

Please check the specific requirements for photos on your country's passport web site so you are not disappointed.

Teh cost for the photos here in the US is about 10 dollars – less then 2 lunches at a fast food place. is it really more in Singapore?

If you have a good printer and use good paper then there is virtually no difference between yours and any photo company so the lot above me are all mistaken in saying that it cannot be done..still I would personally go to a photo booth, it is bound to save you a load of time and effort.
however if you are undeterred then
irfanview can be useful here
and also Picasa should be able to help…
they are both free.
You should experiment with cheaper paper first, so as to get the size right.

You should be able to use any photo software that came with your camera or printer. just resize and crop the photo to the requirements that you need in Singapore. Go to the government website and find the exact dimensions.

That's what I did here in the USA before my trip to China this summer. I found the photos I took myself and printed at home were cheaper and much better than the ones taken a the local shop.


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Heart Touching Photos of Dogs with Humans

Believe me,it is really hard to find a friend like a dog.It’s been 2 months since my dog passed away.He was 13 years old and of course he was one of my best friend,maybe the best.
Anyway,I promised myself to publish an emotional post for him so i’ve collected photos showing the friendship between humans and dogs.Hope you like them.

humans and dogsby Anze Malovrh


humans and dogsby Jean-Paul Boulinguet


humans and dogsby xalamay


humans and dogsBy dangeri


humans and dogsBy dangeri


humans and dogsBy LynstarFC


humans and dogsBy deirdre16


humans and dogsby Irina Ivanova


humans and dogsby Elisabetta Ronchi


humans and dogsby Ivan Palis


humans and dogsby Nicole Goggins


humans and dogsby funkeldink


humans and dogsby VeryViVi


humans and dogsby  Schorli_Carla


humans and dogsby Jeremy Deal


humans and dogsby marie


humans and dogsby Alberello


humans and dogsby Areldos


humans and dogsby Nevin Giesbrecht


humans and dogsby Astrid


humans and dogsby aleksandra


humans and dogsby Lena Sophia


humans and dogsby Emanuele


humans and dogsby sundancew


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35 Colorful Photos & Artwork For Inspiration

If you are looking to add some colorful photos and artwork for inspiration, you probably check colorful photos that inspires you to create something creative and original.In this post you …
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40 Outstanding and Inspiring Photos Worth a Look

This week’s photography article is a collection of amazing photos around the net.There are many phography sites but mostly i like of course flickr, and national geographic for wildlife and nature photos.

We hope you like the collection and of course thanks to the all photographer for these wonderful shots

Collection of Amazing Photos

amazing photosby Robert B. Haas

amazing photosby Norbert Rosing

amazing photosby David Pemberton

amazing photosby Robin Thom

amazing photosby Hengky Hendrawan

by Shlomi Nissim

amazing photosby gustav kiburg

amazing photosby Tristan Shu

amazing photosby Christophe Kiciak

amazing photosby Hervé Loire

amazing photosby Denis Chaussende

amazing photosby Galep Iccar

amazing photosby Ben Heine

amazing photosby moshek70

amazing photosby Maxi del Campo

amazing photosby Tony Margiocchi

amazing photosby miwa

amazing photosby Garry

amazing photosby NASA

amazing photosby James Abernethy

amazing photosby Rocco Sette

amazing photosby Mike Curry

amazing photosby Stefan Wermuth

amazing photosby Stefano Unterthiner

amazing photosby Leszek Bujnowski

amazing photosby Klarens

amazing photosby Andre Arment

amazing photosby Nikolai Zinoviev

amazing photosby David Orias

amazing photosby Marek Kiedrowski

amazing photosby Ali Erturk

amazing photosby Roman_tik

amazing photosby REINHARDT

amazing photosby Paula Graham

amazing photosby Wings

amazing photosby Nordin Seruyan

amazing photosby Marcin Kesek

amazing photosby abbini

amazing photosby Brizadly Arifin

amazing photosby Robert Garrett


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50 photoshop actions to enhance your photos

src="" alt="" title="photoshop-actions-1" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-21562" /> /> Phototshop actions are pre-recorded tasks that you can save and use it anytime. They are a great way to quickly enhance and touch up your photos and achieve some fantastic results. Photoshop Actions are very useful for photographers to give great look for photos.

Here’s a collection of 50 best free photoshop actions for touching up or enhancing your photos or photoshop templates. So, pick up some of your photos and give these amazing actions a try. You will be surprised and pleased with the results. /> id="more-21561"> /> href="">View Post …

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Makeover for your vacation photos

Makeover for your vacation photos

are indeed the most enjoyable days of our lives. And those memorable days can be expensive for long if they are captured in photos. Thus, pictures of holiday should be perfect in all aspects of metamorphosis and that should be a perfect picture to your face photogenic. An important tip is cosmetic makeover vacation nose overhaul . We are all aware of the importance of good nose pointed in improving our eyes on the face, but ignore it because of lack of time or spending high in the nose jobs. Thank you to reshape the nose cosmetic products such as NoseSecret, the appearance of the nose can now be enhanced in a few seconds and a non-invasive procedure that is also environmentally pocket.

The widely used NoseSecret braces used by many celebrities can be your shortcut metamorphosis holiday too. These splints cosmetics based on a flexible material are anatomical in shape. So when they are placed on the inside edge of each nostril, they get easily adjusted between the tip and base of the nose with ease. The slight pressure thus created in the process of inserting splints NoseSecret helps to keep raising the nose and narrowing of the nostrils. Consequently, a more refined nose is finally obtained mixtures with other elements of the face to face look better and photogenic.With these cosmetic nose reshaping, not only women but men can also be benefited. This is a nose ultimate overhaul experience for those seeking to refine a bulky nasal tip, straight on a crooked nose, a thin nose level, lift one end of the curved nose , a lift for bump on the Middle-or enhance the beauty of the ethnic nose.

Since the inserts are imperceptible cosmetic nose NoseSecret because they are placed on the inner edge of the nostril, providing instant effect, to take as little as 20 seconds to insert and remove and are small enough to fit in your wallet they are the best nose cosmetic overhaul products. Although the holidays are over, you can still use them on a regular basis that their quality lasts.

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