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How much would the following vintage film cameras cost?

Mamiya Professional C330, (c. 1970)
Mamiya 500 DTL Mamiya, (c. 1970)

As well as several lenses for both cameras, including a telephoto lens for the 500 DTL.

Those are fine cameras:…

The 500 DTL about .

I'm not sure about the 'professional', but the 500 DTL shouldn't be too much. sorry, not for sale, but I actually have that one. I got mine for free because it was my great great uncle's (I think). however, I doubt it costs much because of its limit of 1/500 shutter speed (hence the name) and lack of other features. the one good thing it does have is ability to switch between average and spot metering. I'm not sure, maybe you know all of this and it's why you're looking for it, but I wouldn't pay more than a hundred (preferably a lot less) for it. if you see one more than that, pass unless you're a serious collector and can't find it elsewhere.

Ah, selling…Yeah, not as much options there, because you have to compete. sixty maximum, then…by the way, I don't know what the thumbs-down was for. I was stating my personal limit for it; that wasn't an average market price.
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50p from car boot or look on ebay

I saw Mamiya C330 going for about on ebay. I was shocked as I had one to sell but after seeing the low prices decide to trade it for some ammo instead.


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