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Defeating Tragedy- John Rosatti

Born in Brooklyn, New York, John Rosatti was the son of a seamstress and a city worker. Even though he experienced many hardships during his upbringing, he has gone on to accomplish many incredible things in the world of business. In fact, Mr. Roasatti is one of New York’s most successful businessmen. Mr. Rosatti has overcome many trials and tribulations during his lifetime. Currently, he runs many successful businesses in the New York area, and spends a lot of time with his friends and family.

Growing Up

John Rosatti was born and grew up in New York City. He was not born to particularly monetarily rich parents, but they did instill a rich work ethic in him. John Rosatti began work at the age of 11 as a meat delivery boy. Later after acquiring mechanical skills from his father he was able to enter the automobile industry. He learned how to run a car dealership and then in 1978 bought an Oldsmobile dealership in Flatbush, NY. From there he went on to be awarded the “Top 100” dealership by Wards automotive. Learning from his success and expanding upon it John Rosatti then went on to establish excellent businesses in Nevada, New Jersey, and Florida.


After conquering the business world, it was time for Mr. Rosattis to slow down and get married. He met his second wife, Bonni, and had three children with her. They were the quintessential Italian family. It was shortly after this that Mr. Rosatti fulfilled a life-long passion of his, buying an airplane. He was able to do this, amidst his crazy work and family schedule, by taking flying lessons and getting his pilot’s license. The plane he bought was a Beachjet400A.

Family Tragedy

John Rosatti has also had his fair share of tragedy. In 1997 John lost his father to a tragic car accident. His father was on his way home from Florida where he had been visiting John and his family. Tragedy struck again in 2000 when Bonni, John’s beloved wife also perished in an automobile accident. At this point John was left with three young children; his family supported him in the raising of his children as he tried to channel his grief into more productive means. Like his businesses.


John has endured much success from his yachting venture and partnership with John Staluppi, as they both strive to have the best in the business. Eventually John decided that the best thing for his family was to move down to Florida so he could focus more on his yacht business. He sold a good chunk of his car dealerships and ventured into the yacht business. In addition to owning a yacht Rosatti is co owner of Millennium Super Yachts which is out of North Palm Beach. He is truly a man of courageous means and exhibits an incredible work ethic. His ability to overcome adversity should be commended and respected, as he truly is a man who has experienced tragedy but has come out on the other side.

John started out working hard in New York city striving to achieve goals and then making better goals for himself. Even in the midst of tragedy he was able to flourish and succeed and do what he had to do to give his family the life he wanted for them. However, he did so successfully and never once turned his back on his business ventures. John Rosatti also gives back to his community and strives to help others.

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